Wadi Rum Tour Guide



Phone +962776358687

Flow with the desert

During our film trip to Jordan we met Mohamad, an exceptional tour guide who left a big impression on us. He does not only know the Wadi Rum desert like his own pockets, he also happens to be extremely professional and very patient. ​Mohamad knows all the spots and all the stories. He lives right opposite the train station, where the ‚Lawrence from Arabia‘ train starts from. ​His grandfather used to work for the eponymous film and his father also worked for the railway. Mohammed is for sure not the typical tour guide, who cuts a deal and takes you around fast.

He is absolutely laid back, never in a hurry and you can take your sweet time when taking pictures or filming. He enjoys to show you every detail and if you want to flow with the desert, Mohamad is your man. 
Maybe he is that way because he takes life as it comes. 
Mohamad is very religous and would never do things to take advantage of you. 
We decided to support him through our webpage as he does not have any. Mohammed speaks decent English, is punctual, extremely reliable and can be reached by whats app.

The best is to send him a recorded voice message as he is mostly touring the desert. In Summer we advise to book him for 8 hrs/day and in winter for 6 hours/day, as days are shorter. Four people can easily fit in his 4-wheel drive car. If you are a bigger group, you can also sit in the back of his pick up. He can also arrange camel and horse riding tours. Mohamad leaves the price to you. We believe proper payment is a question of respect and that is why we recommend to pay him at least 150-200 Jordan Dinars per day. That includes everything. 
We left Mohamad as friends.