Der erste Teil unserer Expedition führt uns von der Hauptstadt Niamey zu den Woodabe, ihrer Schule für Nomadenkinder in Abulbal – und den Balztänzen des Guérewol-Festivals.

Der zweite Teil führt uns nach Agadez, dem Tor zur Wüste, durch das Aïr-Gebirge und die Wüste Ténéré – und schließlich zum Tuareg-Treffen nach Iférouane.   Der Niger: das ist pures Afrika.

WINNER and Best Geographical and Anthropological Subject at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival , Canada
WINNER and Platinum Award at the Latitude Film Awards,  London

WINNER and Best Documentary Feature at the NYCA Awards/New York Cinematography Awards

WINNER and Grand Jury Award at the Oniros Film Awards

WINNER and Outstanding Achievement Award at the TIFF/Tagore International Film Festival

WINNER and Outstanding Achievement Award Documentary at the LIAFF L´Age D´Or International Arthouse Film Festival Awards 

WINNER and Outstanding Achievement Award Documentary at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival

WINNER and Best International Feature Documentary Film at the World Film Carnival Singapore 

WINNER and Best International Feature Documentary Film at the Overcome Film Festival 

WINNER and Certficate of Achievement at the Tokyo Twilight Film Festival

WINNER Best Feature Documentary at the BIFF, Boden Film Festival, Sweden 

OFFICIAL SELECTION at the Älvsbyn Film Festival, Sweden

WINNER and Best Feature Documentary at the Great Message International Film Festival

WINNER Best Documentary at the La Dolce Vita Cine Roma Film Festival

WINNER and Social Awareness Award and Award of Prestige at the Vegas Movie Awards

Expedition Niger

101 Min. | 4K | 16:9 | English | German

It is one of the most unknown and poorest countries in the world, and yet full of wealth: Niger.   Rich because of the smiles of its people, the vastness of its deserts and the mysticism of its peoples.          

The film accompanies one of the rare expeditions through Niger.   Protected from raids and kidnappings by a military convoy, we encounter two of the last nomadic tribes: the Woodabe and the Tuareg.

The first part of our expedition takes us from the capital Niamey to the Woodabe tribe, their school for nomadic children in Abulbal and the courtship dances of the Guérewol          

The second part takes us to Agadez - the gateway to the desert - through the Aïr Mountains and the Ténéré desert, and finally to the Tuareg festival in Iférouane.   Niger: The Real Africa.

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